Our Services to Guests

Secure Payments

With a safe and high quality 3D booking system, guests can experience an easy-to-use and secure online booking process every time.

Check In and Check Out

Welcoming guests and sharing knowledge of your property and area attractions, as well as saying goodbye and checking that your property is left clean with no damages.

24 Hour Concierge Service

Your guests are welcome to get in touch with our dedicated concierge manager 24 hours a day and can look forward to prompt responses and friendly, professional assistance.

Quality Linen & Towels

Adding extra sophistication, guests can enjoy linens and towels that are laundered off–site and are only of the best crisp quality.

Professional Cleaning

A thorough cleaning of your entire property before new guests arrive, resulting in higher ratings and happier guests.

Professional Housekeeping

Our committed team is on hand to arrange additional cleaning of your rental if necessary, at an extra cost to guests.

Welcome Pack

Before new guests arrive, a welcome pack including Fresh Fynbos Blooms and homemade rusks will be made available for them and an inviting ambiance will be created by leaving a few lights on.

Replenish Stock

After each guest visit, our team will make sure there is enough electricity available and will perform an inventory check, where stock will be replenished as necessary.